What does "navigating data" mean?

Free means having Simpler pool the data together in a way that makes sense, and then putting it into a datapp according to your specifications and requirements.

After the data is freed from the source system, anyone can navigate the data.


Immediately get more value from your data

If you can get to the data you need, no matter where it is located or what format it is in, the possibilities are endless. Whether locked in silos, a complex data model, or a mainframe system, Simpler can free your data and put it in a datapp.

Use as a stepping stone to data conversion

Once you can navigate in a Simpler datapp, you can do a lot to prepare for a conversion to a new system:

  • Clean data with bad or null values

  • Research historic values

  • Provide access to vendors and consultants for analysis

  • Create templates using the Simpler platform that will convert data to conform to new standards and requirements

Empower your team

More eyes equal better data. Datapps empower your team to access data like never before:

  • Your staff will have the data to do their tasks without constant wait time and frustration

  • No relying on programmers to compile ad hoc reports

  • Anyone can use a Simpler datapp—no complex software documentation to study or weeks of training are necessary. You can begin navigating your data with as little as 30 - 60 minutes of training

Review data for errors and discrepancies

Even if you aren't preparing to implement a new system, there is huge value in correcting errors for data integrity. In many older systems, values were typed in free-form which can lead to inconsistencies and erroneous data entry . Once the data is exposed to more people through a datapp, these discrepancies can easily be discovered.

Use as historical repository

After implementing the new system, what happens to the data from the legacy application? Simpler datapps are an excellent way to preserve the data and keep it at your fingertips for research—especially right after implementation!

Optimize for speed

Simpler datapps are fast—most data takes only a few seconds to return. During our development processes, as we pool your data, we aim to ensure speedy data retrieval. Then, modify what you are viewing by adding on-the-fly filtering, sorting, grouping or aggregating without ever leaving the current data page.