What are your 2018 Priorities?

According to the 2017 Digital Counties Survey the top ten technologies and initiatives which are likely to have an increased focus in 2018 are:

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Hire/Retain Competent IT Personnel
  3. Mobility AND Transparency/ Open Data/ Data Governance
  4. Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
  5. Citizen Engagement/ Experience
  6. Cloud Computing AND Budget & Cost Control
  7. Business Intelligence/ Analytics
  8. Shared or Collaborative Services
  9. Networking: Broadband & Connectivity
  10. Virtualization: Server, Desktop/Client, Storage, Applications

Here is how the Simpler Platform can Help

Datapps are a unique approach to letting everyone navigate data, replacing the need for hundreds of individual reports.  No one else has them and they make your job simpler. What is a datapp? Watch this video.

Mainframe Application

Data on a mainframe is hard to get to and manipulate. With datapps, you can tap into the value of your data easily and quickly. Take a look at this video on how County of Santa Barbara got their data off the mainframe.

 Converting Data

Converting data is a complex part of a new implementation. Simpler has assisted clients with converting all types of data, including a current project at County of Tulare. Let's talk about how we can help you have the best conversion ever.

Data in Silos

Whether it is separate software for each tax agency, a new database for each tax year, or just a legacy design flaw, using datapps, Simpler can connect the data. Read the story on how one county connected the silos.

Can't Get Reports

Standard reports in software don't meet needs and take too long? Only one or two analysts that write reports? Click here to see how you will benefit once your data is free