City of Tustin Community Development Department - Courtesy Made Simpler


At the City of Tustin, they use datapps for many of their departments: Finance, HR, Business Licenses, and Utilities. After the financial datapps were completed, the Community Development department asked Simpler to create some for their building permits and inspections. Our developers quickly created the basics to navigate planning, codes, and permits, along with the related inspections. 

Making it Simpler

The management in this area immediately saw how powerful this data was and how they could put it to use to create a huge advantage, not just for the department, but all of their customers as well.

The Assistant Director wanted to be able to send a courtesy notice to building permit holders when the permit was going to expire. This would allow them to either push to complete the project or file an extension or avoid unnecessary complications. In order to do this, Simpler combined the permit, inspections, contacts, and addresses into a data pool. Next, filters were applied based on a complex set of criteria.

  • Status equal to active, extended, or issued.
  • It had been between 150 and 180 days since the permit was issued.
  • The Finaled Date field is null or empty.
  • It had been between 150 and 180 days since the last inspection – or, there had never been an inspection.

The City can now get this list of permits and contact info in one click and merge the data into a letter to notify the owner of the property.