How can you make your data conversion simpler?

Utilizing datapps throughout the project will mitigate risks, reduce time to implement and decrease cost. A key benefit is the ease in which your data analysts can provide access to the data - from any table, spreadsheet or view - to anyone on the project team.

It is easy to visualize the data in a datapp. The ability to navigate - group, summarize, filter - quickly. By quickly moving through the data, you can look for the data thatand then quickly develop strategies to

Once you have datapps, you can:

  • Easily provide access to subject matter experts, vendors, and consultants for analysis
  • Research historic values
  • Validate between source system and converted data
  • Create a permanent archive

Don't Convert

There is a need for data in the system occasionally. But in many instances, you don't need to convert, leave legacy data in it's current form and we can display the continuous timeline in a datapp. No continuous rounds of perfecting data. Reduces risk for problems created by converted data after go live.


1. as is data

2. crosswalk

3. look for outliers

hardest part is visualizing the data

the intersection for sql and domain experts

make a change and see instant results

spreadsheets are not real time.

Best testers are domain experts - they should be able to produce what data should look like and also determine why it may be wrong.

Tester is responsible for understanding issue and what needs to be done.

end users can interact with the data.

connecting to code...documentation, traceability

addresses the disconnect between conversion team and management and end users.