What is a dataprise?

Finance departments used to be able to get what they needed easily from the software, but not anymore. Data requests have become more and more complicated – whether it is from stakeholders, public, elected officials, mandated reporting, or your department head – everyone wants more data and sophisticated analysis. Simpler Systems makes it easier to get your data, any way you need it.

Check out the City of Tustin dataprise.

The City of Tustin first began using Simpler datapps for their financial data with their ERP Springbrook. After that they wanted to be able to access their legacy data from their previous software FAMIS. They liked the ease of use and flexibility and next expanded to their building permits and inspection in the Community Development department. Once again, Simpler was able to connect data from the legacy application in a seamless interface. 

The dataprise continued to expand as they added HR datapps, utility consumption and billing, fixed assets, and business licenses. The most recent additions are a public websites for financial data and self-serve business license data.


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