Datapps: The Project Resource you need for
Analysis, Conversion, Testing,  and Go Live

Implementing new software can be lengthy, risky, and expensive. Let's take a look at how datapps can mitigate risk and save you time and money. Think of datapps as an additional project resource that knows your data and can answer questions. Fast!

Datapps are a unique approach to letting everyone navigate data, replacing the need for hundreds of individual reports.  No one else has them and they make your job simpler. We can make them for you or we can train your IT department. What is a datapp? Watch this video.

Now, imagine your data in datapps...source data, staging data, and converted data. What could you do with that????

  • IT staff can instantly share data with business experts
  • Project Manager can immediately better optimize non-IT project resources
  • Create benchmarks and compare property inventories and collections data across databases
  • Use Simpler resources like scripting and syncing to prepare data and construct a staging environment
  • Instant access to the data needed to answer questions during testing phases

Source (Legacy)

We call the data in your current application the Source or Legacy data. One way to reduce risk during implementation of new software is to put it in a datapp. Then you can quickly

  • Document gaps
  • Identify anomalies
  • Determine amount of data you need to convert
  • Create a legacy data archive for quick access


This is a complex, time consuming; high risk part of implementation. Simpler datapps make the process more efficient and reduce risk.Once your Source data is in a datapp, you can build on that in many ways.

  • Construct your staging environment
  • Create a crosswalk datapp
  • Dynamic datapps  for fast analysis
  • Compare  inventories across multiple databases

User Acceptance Testing

Validating your data and configuration are right is critical. Inaccurate data can result in loss of trust with constituents, fines or penalties for erroneous reports, and huge backlogs of manual corrections.

  • Quickly research data from source and converted to verify accuracy
  • Black Box: view data mid-process

And then?
Go Live and Beyond...

Software applications don't have every report you need and new questions are coming up every day. Don't pay for expensive report writing software or hire a SQL expert to keep writing report after report.Get datapps!

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