Marina Coast Water District provides Fort Ord Summary in “just a few mouse clicks”


At Marina Coast Water District in California, what used to take several hours is now accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Simpler implemented Utility Billing datapps in October 2015. There were several reasons the District had to have Simpler. They needed:

  • The ability to validate converted data following a database upgrade.
  • A way for staff to create reports, without needing to be software or SQL experts.
  • The ability to research and present data multiple ways for stakeholders
  • Baseline year comparisons
  • Net change by customer, service type, etc.
  • A way to answer follow-up questions and view details when looking at summarized data

Making it Simpler

During implementation, we were showing a few tips and tricks to the Customer Service Supervisor when he asked us if we could help him create a report he had to generate every month.

Since 1997, the District has operated water and wastewater systems for the Army at Fort Ord. There are 22 separate accounts and every month a consolidated report of all of the accounts is created as backup documentation for the invoice. To do this, the Supervisor ran a report 22 times, copied and pasted the data, and spent a lot of time formatting to get what he needed.

The Simpler project team quickly identified that he could apply a filter using the asterisks or wild card character on the account number. He experimented with grouping and summarizing to get it just the way he wanted, then created a shortcut to the data. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Now, all he does is click the shortcut and enter the date range to generate his perfectly-formatted invoice backup.

It’s just that easy to get the data the way you need it.