What is Simpler Public Access?

Simpler Public Access is a datapp that makes it easy for the public to navigate any data on your organization's website.

Finance  |  Budget  | Licenses  |  Permits  |  Property Tax

Once you create a datapp for your team you can easily and rapidly make the information available to the public using the same data you have already validated. The site is automatically updated as often as you choose; daily, monthly, quarterly – any frequency.

Using Simpler Public Access also saves money for the tax payer. If you use Simpler datapps for your internal team, there is no additional charge for ongoing license, maintenance, or hosting.

Your data, your way

Creating a Financial Search site is as easy as 1 -2 -3.

  1. Determine which data to share and decide how much historical data to display.
  2. Select options for the Group menu, this is typically according to your organization’s chart of accounts and what level of detail you want to expose. 
  3. Decide which columns you would like to compare, this year compared to last year’s budget or actuals, or, just track actuals and budget for the current fiscal year. Add as many options as you like.

Simpler will also put your website banner on the top to keep the same look and feel of your site and customize an Information page according to your specifications. This can be used to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), provide links to most requested data, and includes tips on how to navigate the data.

For more information, read this article about County of Santa Cruz and then go take a look at their site.