How can navigating with datapps
make your implementation simpler?

Utilizing datapps to navigate Source, Conversion, and Go Live data throughout the project will decrease cost, reduce time to implement, and mitigate risks.

Not only will datapps give the organization better quality data, faster access to data, and the ability to navigate without extensive training or IT skills, but they will reduce ongoing costs of training, reporting software, and reduce requirements for IT support.

Simpler Systems has worked side by side with vendors and clients during implementation and data conversion. The result is an approach and datapps that will have a significant impact on the success of an implementation. If you would like a copy of our Business Case on Implementation Made Simpler, email us.

Conclusions from the
Implementation Made Simpler Business Case

1 – Implementing datapps for the Source or Legacy application as early as possible will create a better starting point

If your data is already in datapps and you have the ability to navigate, your project resources – IT and business – are all more familiar with the data and many of the issues have been resolved by utilizing Simpler advantages. The ease of use with datapps allow more staff at all levels of the organization to access the data to do current tasks and better understand the data. The Simpler database will provide higher quality data to begin any project.

2 – Utilize Datapps and Navigation for Traceability and Data Accuracy

As you analyze, map, and crosswalk the data, a Metrics Comparison datapp gives you visibility to key metrics across each database. You can determine the metrics that are important and immediately compare across multiple environments. Navigation will allow you to see the details and determine the cause of any deltas. Changes made to the data can be immediately seen in the updated metrics. This will replace the time-consuming process of extracting data and then using worksheets to manipulate data. It will also provide documentation of the source and processes that created the metric.

3 – Dynamic Datapps Will Bridge the “Tools” Gap

Technical resources are very comfortable working in SQL and writing code, but most business experts are not. The Simpler Platform contains functionality that allows any SQL view to instantly be available in a datapp. Business experts can navigate – filter, sort, summarize, group – in order to analyze and understand the data and provide critical feedback to technical staff. Faster.

4 – Use of Datapps to Research Data Issues Will Enhance UAT

Testers will be able to immediately search for the data to see what it looks like before conversion and in the new system. This will help understand and validate the data during the testing process. Datapps can be used to access data mid-process. This is what we call the ‘Black Box.’

5 – Datapps Will Drastically Reduce the Need for Programming Custom Reports

The ease and flexibility of datapps will allow business users to instantly access the data required to create reports, answer questions, and research issues. No need to hard code reports for each department or spending money on costly reporting software and training. In addition, bottlenecks caused by limited reporting staff no longer exist.

6 – Post Go Live Datapps Will Increase Productivity

Your staff in multiple departments have already seen the power of navigating data so the transition to using datapps for Post Go Live reporting is natural. Menus and default composition can be created to support your workflow, with the added benefit of the ability to navigate, if needed.

Business users can also create Shortcuts to easily go back to data that is frequently needed or requested. For even more ways the productivity will increase, read