Long Beach Fire Department Can Now Monitor Compliance, Response Time, and Incident Details on A Daily Basis


The Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) had a problem.  A big problem.  During the upgrade of the City’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in 2014, the interface between CAD and the Department’s Record Management System (RMS) was corrupted, leaving them with incomplete data in RMS – and that’s where they did all their reporting.  Couple this with the fact that a single person was responsible for creating reports for the entire Command Staff, and LBFD was in a severe state of data poverty.  Oftentimes, they would receive important compliance reports only once per year – and months after the year had ended.

Making it Simpler

Then, LBFD got Simpler datapps.  Simpler freed the Fire and Emergency Medical Services incident data from CAD and RMS, and pooled it in a series of datapps.  Now, Command Staff independently navigate compliance, response time, and incident details on a daily basis, creating accurate and timely pictures of activity and performance that drive and support operational decisions.

Datapps have revolutionized the way LBFD gets information.  They get their data, their way.  Don’t you need datapps, too?