County of Sonoma
What, No Conversion?


The County of Sonoma implemented Simpler in 2007 for their mainframe financial system called FAMIS.  FAMIS was an early enterprise system developed specifically for the public sector. In 2014 the Auditor/Controller's office, the Executive Office, and the Information Services Department completed a conversion from FAMIS to Peoplesoft and went live on July 1st.

Making it Simpler

Since they had used Simpler datapps for seven years, there was no need to convert transactional detail from FAMIS to Peoplesoft.  They brought balances forward into Peoplesoft.  Any transactional query before 7/1/14 goes to Simpler.  Today they have a seamless user experience across all transactional and summary data, going back to the 1990s, thanks to Simpler datapps.