County of Santa Barbara preserves legacy, unlocks the unknown with property tax data


The County of Santa Barbara Auditor-Controller and the Treasurer-Tax Collector (COSB) saw the retirement of their property tax mainframe looming.  This was a problem, of course, in that COSB needed to accurately migrate and document the data into a data warehouse in the short term, and needed to find a replacement system for the long haul. But it was also an opportunity to try to leverage their historical data’s value beyond the life of the mainframe.

They began their migration from the mainframe circa 2000. This required warehousing their six distinct tax roll systems into SQL Server. COSB officially shut off the mainframe emulator in 2014, after years of preparation for the new Aumentum tax application.

Making it Simpler

In came Simpler. Simpler provided the means to maintain the data’s historical richness, by allowing it to be pooled into a series of datapps. Simpler Systems preserved and enhanced the value of the data that may have been rendered obsolete otherwise.  

When County users saw the intuitive power of Simpler’s datapps pooling the mainframe’s six disparate tax roll systems into a cohesive whole, Simpler Systems was asked to unlock the “black box” of data under the Aumentum tax system, revealing the unseen processes of the new application’s data model. With a few clicks in a datapp, these otherwise hidden processes were now out in the open, as were any data discrepancies. Simpler sped up the process of validation and reconciliation during conversion to Aumentum, and has provided transparency, giving users confidence that their efforts and the new system’s data are working together harmoniously.